Journalist, surfer, and world traveller Rob Black returned to the Sunshine Coast this year on a mission to publish and release his new book, Noosa – What’s your point? A place in the history of surfing.

The book was ready for the Festival of Surfing in March, it launched at the Beach Bar just before COVID had its way with any further book launches or events, and has been finding its audience, mainly online, in the months since.

For Rob, who is a self described surf tragic, the lure of Noosa – back in the olden days – was too much to resist.

He has his own fond memories of the areas five famous points, and his book set about to find out what other surfers has to say about surfing here.

Those five magical points and bays are legendary, and their part in the history, and the development of modern surfing, is indisputable

“Noosa too is known around the world, and like Byron Bay, was opened up by surfers seeking perfect waves and a perfect lifestyle,” Rob said.

“Some say it has been loved to death, or is the love-hate relationship in their life, but Noosa is still Noosa, and the magic and the beauty is still there.”

Always keen to have a chat, Rob has created a website and facebook page to help keep the conversation going with readers of the book.
With Covid-19 restrictions easing he hopes to be able to get along to local bookstores and newsagents to meet readers and share the story.

In the meantime, order a copy online at www.noosawhatsyourpoint.com and maybe share your answer to the question – “who would you want to share a perfect surf with and where would it be.”